How did green factories in refractory industry develop?

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-12-29 14:37:43

  At present, a total of 17 enterprises in the refractory industry were selected as China's "green factory", and more than 20 "green factory" enterprises were declared and evaluated. How is the green factory of refractory material industry developed? What do the selected companies have in common?

refractory material industry,refractory industry

1.Automation helps the high-speed development of refractory enterprises

  As friction press machine is listed as high energy consumption equipment, electric screw press machine is favored by more and more refractory material enterprises. Compared with the old friction press machine production line, the new automation equipment not only improves the production efficiency and product quality, but also lays a foundation for the rapid development of refractory material enterprises.

2.Intelligentization promotes high quality development of refractory material enterprises

  With the promotion and application of automation equipment, firebrick automatic production line, through automatic batching, automatic mixing, automatic weighing cloth, automatic forming, automatic brick, automatic detection, brick, palletizing and other links of automation, effectively improve the technical level of refractory material enterprises, reduce the production cost of refractory material enterprises.

refractory material industry,refractory industry

3.Informationization creates the green development of refractory enterprises

  Based on information technology, a new generation of 5 g, the refractory industry forms the visualization of energy, production, equipment and remote service through intelligent perception, large data collection and analysis. It targeted for refractories enterprises energy saving optimization scheme and accelerated the pace of refractory material enterprises construction of green plant.

refractory material industry,refractory industry

  In recent years, refractory enterprises introduce automatic information technology into refractory production line and factory management links, so that the level of automation of refractory enterprises is constantly improving, intelligent manufacturing equipment is gradually invested, so that more refractory enterprises join the tide of creating "green factory" to build green industry of refractory industry.

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